Catholic Order after episcopal law by Bishop Ralph Napierski


Welcome to Corpus Dei

We are a catholic order and working for the unity of all christians.

Our main goal is to serve to unite all christians under the cross.

>>> Unity Under The Cross <<<


And ofcourse we are working for comming into unity by celebrating Holy Communion together. For this it is first necessary to find to a biblical understanding of the >>> Holy Communion<<<.

Our goal is to spread the gospel and save souls.
We guard many relics of the church and we want to make them all accessable for mankind.
1) We plan to build places of pilgrimage with monuments that hold a piece of the true cross of Jesus Christ. These places will make the power of healing and spiritual power available to everybody.
We are searching for supporters.
Feel free to contact us, if you want to establish a place of 24/7 worship or any other project like this.
2) We want to make relics and christian art accessable for everybody.
We give out blessed medals and crosses, that did touch the cross on which Jesus has been crucified on. (3rd class relics of the true cross)
If you want to support this by handing out these relics to people,  please contact us.
3) We provide relics for churches.
We want to equip churches (especialy those with low income) with high class relics.
Please feel free to contact us.

4) We spread christian art and organise exhibitions.
Christian art is something very special-it effects and moves the person´s spirit.   
Through this touch positive power is being unfolded. Healing and a growth of life´s energy are often the result of contact with christian, spiritual art.  
Further, the art pieces are imparting very significant contents  and help with ones spiritual development and growth.  

God bless you !

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